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Fishing and Crabbing Adventure - Qld

Fishing and Crabbing Adventure - Qld
Fish one of Queensland's most pristine fishing areas, with over 40km of the Noosa River. Enjoy the waterways, admire the rare native bird life and you'll even get to pull up a few crab pots and taste the legendary Queensland Mud or Blue Swimmer Crab.

Fishing is one of the Sunshine Coast's most popular recreational activities and a great way to relax. There are a multitude of fishing spots to try, from the sandy beaches and glistening waterways to the tidal rivers and extensive estuaries.

Sunshine Coast fishing

Try fishing in the calm waters of Lake Cootharaba, Lake Cooroibah and the shallow LakeWeyba off the Noosa River. Wet a line off the local beach at dawn or dusk and snag a bream, whiting or flathead, using fresh bait. Increase your chances by fishing the mouths of the local creeks at the change of tide. Try the pristine waters of the Pumicestone Passage and watch for turtles, dugongs and a wide variety of birdlife. In the cooler months, try fishing for snapper, tailor, mullet and mangrove jack off the rock walls, points or jetties, using pilchards or prawns as bait.

Freshwater Lakes and Dams
Fishing Lake MacDonald, Lake MacDonald is stocked with bass, yellowbelly, saratoga and the endangered Mary River cod. The lake also has a strong population of eels, tandans and the introduced spangled perch. A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish at Lake MacDonald.Combustion engines are prohibited on the lake, although electric-powered boats and canoes are allowed. Noosa Council is reviewing the impact of boating due to the outbreak of an easily spread noxious weed, Cabombacaroliniana. Lake MacDonald is situated 6km from Cooroy.For the latest information about boating regulations on Lake MacDonald, contact the Noosa Council.Ph:+ 61 (0)7 5449 5200.

Lake MacDonald

Lake Baroon, also known as Baroon Pocket Dam, is the town water supply for Maroochy and Caloundra. Try your luck for golden perch and bass, as well as the naturally occurring eels and tandans and introduced spangled perch. Combustion engines are prohibited; however, electric motors are allowed, but only on dinghies. There is a limit of only 10 powered craft on the water at any time. A boating permit is required and is available for purchase on site. Lake Baroon is situated 7km north-east of Maleny, and 5km south-west of Montville. Please note: lead sinkers are prohibited in Lake Baroon.

Lake Borumba, also known as Borumba Dam, is primarily used for irrigation purposes.Borumba Dam is 12km south-west of Imbil, between Kenilworth and Gympie The lake is a calm water paradise, touched in places by the rainforest and often visited by resident dingoes and deer. An initial release of around 200 fish has seen the saratoga establish a self-sustaining population and become the real drawcard to the lake. Golden perch and silver perch, initially bred from a now defunct onsite hatchery, also inhabit the lake with Australian bass and the endangered Mary River cod. Fly anglers can test their skills with bass and saratoga by taking a sub-surface fly cast around overhanging trees. Take a variety of flies and try for the explosive thrill of a surface strike. Shallow to medium diving lures work well to attract the aggressive stock. Alternatively, try jig spinners and spinnerbaits. Gently work the edges of the dam with un-weighted soft plastics for bass or saratoga. All forms of boating are permitted on Lake Borumba, with easy access from the wide concrete boat ramp, adjacent to the dam wall. Take care in the smaller feeder creeks to avoid the extensive standing timber.

Borumba Dam

EwenMaddock Dam is situated approximately 5km south-east of Mooloolah.

One of the smaller dams in the area, the EwenMaddock Dam is stocked with yellowbelly, bass and the endangered Mary River cod. The dam also contains naturally breeding populations of tandans (eel-tailed catfish), the introduced spangled perch, and eels. Angling is restricted to the banks in an attempt to stem the spread of an easily spread noxious water weed, Cabombacaroliniana. For the latest information about boating regulations on EwenMaddock Dam, contact the Caloundra City Council. Ph:+61 (0)7 5491 0200.

Please Note: It is totally prohibited to take Mary River cod from any waterway. These fish are endangered and large fines may be issued to those who take them. For more information, and for tips on how to identify the Mary River Cod.

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