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Sunshine Coast attractions

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Sunshine Coast weather
The Sunshine Coast has one of the world's most perfect climates. The coldest month is July where the average daily maximum is 20.9 C and the minimum 10.2 C. The hottest is January with an average daily maximum of 28.8 C and a minimum of 21.3 C. The wettest period is January to March but rain can be expected all year. Humidity peaks on autumn mornings at around 74 per cent and on late summer afternoons at around 66 per cent.

Sunshine Coast tourism

Internet cafes and post offices are spread around the Sunshine Coast. Generally for overseas calls you need to dial 0011 followed by the number. The area code for Sunshine Coast (07) is not needed when dialing locally.

Dog friendly beaches and parks

Fire Brigade
For emergencies call 000 and for non emergencies call 07 5474 9911.

Sunshine Coast Health

National Parks and Wildlife

Sunshine Coast Newspapers
The Sunshine Coast Daily and the Sunshine Coast Sunday provide local and international news. The Courier Mail is the main newspaper for Queensland. All newsagents sell The Australian and other state and weekly international newspapers from UK and New Zealand.

Sunshine Coast Police

The main dangers relate to water and the sea. Visitors have drowned on unguarded beaches where the rip has taken them out to sea. The exposed beaches are particularly dangerous and you must swim only between the marked flags where a lifeguard is on duty. A safe area is marked between two red and yellow flags. A red flag means do not enter the water. A yellow flag means swim with caution. If you have any emergencies the police, ambulance or fire service will respond quickly if you call the emergency number 000. Remember you must wear a seat belt at all times and if you are on a motor/push bike a helmet.


Sunshine Coast Tourist Information

Sunshine Coast Tourist seasons
The high season is the Christmas period until the third week in January and the Easter school holidays. The low season for Sunshine Coast Tourism is after the Easter holidays until mid September and the shoulder season from mid January until Easter. The low season is becoming an increasingly popular time to come as the days are sunny, the climate very pleasant with just a chill in the evening, and it is still possible to swim all year.

Sunshine Coast banks

All the main Australia banks can be found in the commerical centres and shopping malls.

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