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Woombye is located on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, approximately 100km north of the Brisbane.


The name is derived from words from the local Aboriginal language - a place (wumbai) of black snake or (wambai) black myrtle or axe handle made from black myrtle. Woombye has a population of 2,094, as measured in the 2006 census.

Following the discovery of gold at Gympie in 1867, the Government built a road connecting Brisbane to Gympie. It was completed in October 1868 and by November, Cobb & Co. coaches were carrying passengers, mail, goods and gold between Brisbane and Gympie. Ten staging depots were established along the route, where horses and fodder were kept. One of these depots was 'Middle Camp', half way between Brisbane and Gympie. Here Cobb & Co. built the only accommodation for passengers along its route, and the inn and its surrounding buildings soon became known as Cobb's Camp Hotel.

Woombye today is a very pretty small town, with shops and arts and crafts.

Woombye used to be called Cobb’s Camp due to the fact that it was a staging post for the Cobb & Co coaches. The local pub celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2000, and is certainly worth a visit. Myriad delights await the visitor to Woombye. It is home to luscious sub-tropical fruit - and popular Macadamia Nut.History

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