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Snakes are found in the Sunshine Coast but rarely seen. There are some venomous snakes and bites are serious. If you are bitten remove the patient from danger and note any identifying marks on the snake. Do not clean or wipe the venom away as this can help identify the snake.

Apply a firm broad bandage directly over the bite and as far up the limb as possible. Do not remove any clothing as the aim is to minimise all movement. Immobilize the limb by applying a splint. Call an ambulance on 000 do not move the patient and arrange for the ambulance to come to the patient. The two most common snakes are the Eastern Brown and the Red Bellied Black Snake. The Eastern Brown snake varies from orange to light, dark brown or maybe black on top. The belly is cream with dark, often orange blotches. The head is small and blunt.

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