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Sunshine Coast attractions

Lake Baroon

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Lake Baroon is 7 km NE of Maleny and 5 km SW of Montville . This lake was completed in 1989 and is the principal source of water for Caloundra and Maroochydore. It is a lovely spot for a picnic with sheltered picnic tables and electric barbecues provided as well as a playground for the kids. Picnic areas are situated on both the northern and southern sides of the lake.

The lake is used for all kinds of recreational activities like swimming, fishing, sailing and canoeing. There are a few rules to keep in mind, like no combustion engines are allowed on the lake and neither is lead sinkers allowed in it. The lake is stocked with a variety of species including Bass, Golden Perch and the endangered Mary River Cod. You will also find natural inhabitants like Eels, Tandans and Spangled Perch. There is a 2.4km circuit leaving from the car park below the spillway that will take you through cool rainforest and the Obi Obi Gorge.

The dam is managed by the Caloundra Maroochy Water Supply Board. There is a single boat ramp, but no camping facilities for visitors to the lake. There are picnic areas by the lakeside while viewing platforms and a rainforest walking track through Obi Obi Gorge, are located near the spillway.

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