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Kenilworth Sate Forest

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Kenilworth Sate Forest is approximately two hours north of Brisbane in the headwaters of the Mary Valley. The State Forest is not far south of the town of Kenilworth and coming from Brisbane the turn-offs are to the left. There are two roads into this park and they are not very far apart.The State Forest is about 20,000 ha and contains two major camping precincts with four actual campgrounds. The major campgrounds are: Charlie Moreland Camping and Day Use Area and Booloumba Creek Camping and Day Use Area. The campgrounds all have good toilets, are well maintained, with fireplaces and good drinking water available. The park has a large loop road around it, this road can take 1 hour to go around and has some Forest Park walks and highlights on the way. The road is marked as two-wheel drive but it could be pretty tricky in a two-wheel drive in the wet. The Booloumba Creek campgrounds are closest to the first entrance if coming from Brisbane and the Charlie Moreland campground is closest to the second entrance.

About 130 km north of Brisbane, inland from the Sunshine Coast. Kenilworth Forest Reserve (including Booloumba Creek camping areas) is now known as Conondale National Park.Charlie Moreland camping area is now part of the Imbil State Forest.

In 2009 over 30,000 hectares of land was added to this national park increasing it to more than five times its original size. The park provides critical habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including a significant number of rare and threatened species. A large number of plant species that occur here are at the limit of their distribution. Threatened animals which occur here include the cascade treefrog and red goshawk. With magnificent forests, deep gorges and spectacular views, this park offers walking tracks, scenic drives and grassy camp sites near rainforests and mountain streams. The popular Booloumba Creek camping areas are now part of Conondale National Park.

The Conondale Range Great Walk showcases the very best of Conondale National Park. Ancient rainforest, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear creeks, tall open forest, and expansive views are just some of the spectacular features of this walk. A variety of walk options are available, from short strolls through to the full four-day 56 km circuit walk.
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